Jamilla Counts

Author | Historian | Advocate for Justice

Jamilla Counts, a single mother of two daughters and one granddaughter, was born in Chicago in 1973 and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Currently, a resident of Arkansas, Jamilla loves to dance, sing in the shower, crack a joke or two, and spend time cultivating the lives of children.

The Road To Discovery

"A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"

It took many years for me to get to the place where my mother was laid to rest. As a child, I never felt I got the proper opportunity to say goodbye. As an adult, I've missed conversations we may have had. Traveling to find the place where she lay was so important to me for so many reasons. I documented it in my book, but also with photographs. I'll always love my mother and she will never be forgotten.

The Hostel Hotel. I took this as a sign from God that I was at the right place at the right time.

Cicero Avenue. After getting off the bus, I had to walk six blocks to the cemetery where my mother was buried.

Restvale Cemetery. I traveled many physical (and emotional) miles to get to the place where my mother lay to rest.

Mumeenah's Grave Marker. I finally arrived and had my first talk with my mother since her murder.

Red Flowers. I took red flowers to my mother and left them there as proof that I had been there and that love never dies.

Mother and daughter. Rest well dear mother, until we meet again.

My Family Tree

As I knock boldly on the door of freedom of speech, I assert that the story is true and that the people mentioned, and conversations recounted are very much real. The pages in this book are a culmination of ten years of my life. Initially, I had no intention of publishing my findings. Well, since then, I’ve been struck by lightning, and I can no longer sit still. This is the year depression, anxiety, and invisibility are replaced with courage, closure, and acknowledgment. Duty calls!

Duty calls!

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